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Screen cultures at Next Wave Festival 2016

Screen cultures at Next Wave Festival 2016

From the cinematic to the microcosmic, Next Wave Festival 2016 features works that move beyond the ‘screen-as-screen’ and into realms that are immersive, emotional and utopian. Whether you want to experience a 24-hour cinematic performance, party like it’s 1997, feel like you’re inside the Australian equivalent of Paris, Texas, dance to a music video in which an Indigenous woman is our Prime Minister, or acquaint yourselves with Australia’s biggest YouTube stars, there’s something for you.

Nat Randall, The Second Woman

The Second Woman is a 24-hour performance and cinema experiment where Nat Randall plays the role of silver screen actress Gena Rowlands, co-star and real-life spouse of Opening Night director John Cassavetes. Performing a single scene inspired by Rowlands’ original award-winning portrayal of Myrtle Gordon, an ageing theatre star on the brink of self-destruction, Randall takes elements of Cassavetes’ signature style and rewires them through live performance and simulcasts. Read more.

ACMI | Fri 20 May, 1pm – Sat 21 May, 1pm | Free

Daniel Jenatsch, A-97

In A-97, Melbourne-based composer and artist Daniel Jenatsch images the year 1997 never ended.  Throughout this video-operatic presentation, protagonist Dr Angela will be accompanied by the neuro-upload of Garry Kasparov trapped in the body of the IBM chess computer that defeated him, and The Letter String Quartet. Read more.

ACMI | Wed 11 May – Sun 15 May | $28 Full / $23 Concession

Claire Robertson, Far From Here

Claire Robertson’s Far From Here is a video installation of cinematic proportions, where the artist leads the viewer through large-scale, multi-channel projections that capture uninhabited fly-in fly-out mining camps of the Pilbara Region, where the artist lived (in a demountable village) as a child. Read more.

Meat Market | Thu 12 May – Sun 22 May | Free

Hannah Brontë, Still I Rise

Hannah Brontë employs the language and aesthetics of hip hop and popular culture in Still I Rise, a music video environment harnessing female and Indigenous power, where the artist presents a formidable future Australia in which an Indigenous woman is Prime Minister, and parliament is entirely female. Brontë will also be hosting FEMPRE$$ at Howler if you want to dance. Read more.

Blak Dot Gallery | Fri 6 May – Sun 22 May | Free

Xanthe Dobbie & Tiyan Baker, One Million Views

Video artists Xanthe Dobbie and Tiyan Baker reach behind Australian webcams to capture six of the nation’s biggest YouTube stars in intimate moving portraits. One Million Views embeds the artists in the cyber-galaxy that is Australia’s YouTube community, and also features a walking tour and workshop. Read more.

North Melbourne shopfronts | Thu 5 May – Sat 21 May | Free