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Our Disappearing Present now live!

Our Disappearing Present now live!

Our disappearing present… (ODP) exists parasitically across a growing number of Next Wave Festival 2016 project websites – Brainlina, Ships in the Night, Next Wave, Separating Hydrogen from Air, It is both a prototype and a provisional statement towards what could be possible if social media had a different kind of politic. Our disappearing present channels Twitter and Snapchat, without the invasive commodification of your identity. Demonstrating a possible structure for our online world that sidesteps corporate control and capture. There no profiles, no surveillance, no advertisements, and everything is fleeting.

To join the conversation simply click on the ODP buttons. Enter your name (or use the random one provided), and type away. All messages will slowly disappear, lasting from a 1 minute to a week depending on the length (max 2000 characters) and the current volume of chatter. The more chatter, the quicker words will fade away, while longer messages will always endure longer than little fragments.

ODP buttons

The / tab will show you all the conversation related to the page you are currently on, while the * tab, will show you all the conversations currently occurring on ODP. If you see something you are interested in, simply click on the link next to the authors name to visit the URL they are writing in relation to. This means that ODP can also be used to navigate across the various pages of the host websites, by simply clicking on the links above each message.

Look for these symbols and join the conversation.

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