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Opening weekend at Next Wave Festival 2016

Opening weekend at Next Wave Festival 2016

It’s all happening! The opening weekend of Next Wave Festival will have you thinking that comfortable shoes are your new best friends. Here’s the low-down on all the openings, talks, walks, workshops and performances that are kicking off across the opening weekend…


From Tue 3 May | The Voices of Joan of Arc | Northcote Town Hall | Until Sat 14 May
Joan’s story is one of resistance, speaking to the tragedy of silenced women’s voices across the ages.

From Wed 4 May | microLandscapes | Northcote Town Hall | 5 days only!
Space and time can stretch and contract… depending on where you stand.

From Wed 4 May| GROUND CONTROL | Northcote Town Hall | Until Sat 14 May
Meet Chris, a tireless young astronaut on an interstellar mission to find Earth 2.0 and save all of humanity.

From Thu 5 May | Sedih // Sunno | Arts House | Until Sun 15 May
Sedih is Bahasa Indonesia for ‘sadness’. Sunno is ‘to listen’ in Fijian Hindi. Sedih // Sunno is a gentle invitation to listen to sadness.

From Thu 5 May | Under My Skin | Arts House | 4 days only!
The Delta Project explore what we choose to hide and what can be revealed in this new dance-theatre work, presented through the lens of deaf culture.

From Thu 5 May | Mummy Dearest | Arts House
Mummy Dearest is an uncomfortably hilarious tragicomedy about families, addiction, mental illness and magpie attacks—topped off with an unforgettable bar fight, set to pokies music.

From Fri 6 May | Ecosexual Bathhouse | Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
Let go of your inhibition and embrace a new sexual identity where the biosphere becomes your lover.

From Sat 7 May | Angkot Alien | A secret CBD location **SOLD OUT**

Exhibition openings

Thu 5 May

6pm | The Fraud Complex opening | West Space | Free
Curated by Johnston+Thwaites. Featuring Abdul Abdullah (NSW), Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (WA), Hany Armanious (NSW), Tully Arnot (NSW), Bindi Cole (VIC), Megan Cope (Quandamooka/VIC), Beth Dillon (NSW), Sara Morawetz (NSW/USA), Técha Noble (NSW/GER), Yoshua Okón (MEX) and Tyza Stewart (QLD)

6pm | Decolonist opening | West Space | Free
Katie West’s Decolonist lays a path towards encountering your decolonised identity.

6.30pm | Still I Rise opening | Blak Dot Gallery | Free
Through Hannah Brontë’s politically charged, fiercely feminist rap entwined with oestrogen and camouflage, the parliament of Australia shall address the people.

Fri 6 May

5pm | shadow sites opening | National Storage
Curated by Samantha McCulloch and Frances Wilkinson. Featuring Léuli Eshraghi (SAM/IRN/VIC), Catherine Evans (VIC), Grace Herbert (TAS), Sophie Neate (VIC), James Tylor (Te Arawa/Kaurna/SA), Rudi Williams (ITA/VIC) and Elmedin Žunić (BIH/NOR/VIC)

6pm | Ua numi le fau opening | Gertrude Contemporary
Curated by Léuli Eshraghi. Featuring Abdul Abdullah (NSW), Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (WA), Hany Armanious (NSW), Tully Arnot (NSW), Bindi Cole (VIC), Megan Cope (Quandamooka/VIC), Beth Dillon (NSW), Sara Morawetz (NSW/USA), Técha Noble (NSW/GER), Yoshua Okón (MEX) and Tyza Stewart (QLD)

Sat 7 May

3pm | Telltale opening | Arts Project Australia
Curated by Justin Hinder and Anna Louise Richardson. Featuring Richard Lewer & Eden Menta, Paul Hodges & Georgina Cue, Katherine Hattam & Megan Sloan, Kate Knight & Kate Just, Mark Smith & Chili Philly (VIC)

Talks, walks and workshops

Wed 4 May

7.30pm | Ua numi le fau talk | Institute for Postcolonial Studies (IPCS)
Ua numi le fau artist, Yuki Kihara delivers ‘A Study of a Samoan Savage’.

Thu 5 May

12.30pm | Ua numi le fau talk | Victorian College of the Arts | Free
Ua numi le fau artist, Yuki Kihara delivers ‘Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?’

4.30pm | Ua numi le fau talk | University of Melbourne | Free
Ua numi le fau artist, Yuki Kihara delivers ‘A Study of a Samoan Savage’

Fri 6 May

4pm | Indigenous Language Workshop | West Space **SOLD OUT**

Sat 7 May

11am | shadow sites artist talk and walking tour | Starts at National Storage Collingwood | Free – bookings required
Join the curators and participating artists of shadow sites for an informal discussion across both exhibition venues.

1pm | One Million Views walking tour | Meet at Kenny and the Sunshine Girls, North Melbourne | Free – bookings required
One Million Views artists Xanthe Dobbie and Tiyan Baker are leading a walking tour of the exhibition sites along Errol Street, North Melbourne.

2pm | The Fraud Complex artist talk | West Space | Free
What constitutes a fraud? Is authenticity an achievable or relevant ideal? And are we all just ‘faking it’ in different ways? This session runs in correlation with Kelly Fliedner’s Ships in the night.

Sunday 8 May

11am | Sisters Akousmatica performance, walking tour and broadcast | Departs from Signal | Free
Can’t make it? Listen live on 3CR 855AM or online at
Featuring eves (NZ/VIC), Angie Garrick (NSW), Kate Geck (VIC), Rosalind Hall (VIC), Shani Mohini-Holmes (VIC), radio cegeste (NZ/TAS) and Ela Stiles (NSW)

12pm | Indigenous Language Workshop | Abbotsford Convent

3.30pm | How To Go Viral: One Million Views workshop and Q&A
This 90 minute workshop teaches you how to create, maintain and monetise a successful YouTube channel.

5pm | Through love: five feminist perspectives | A living room in Melbourne | Free **SOLD OUT**


Thu 5 May

9pm | Festival Club opening | The Toff in Town | Free
The Toff in Town is your late-night destination during Next Wave Festival 2016.

Also kicking off…

Blaksland and Lawless | Across Melbourne | Free
Blaksland and Lawless turn a matriarchal lense on invasion, and the unceded and unresolved political climates and territories that we live and work in today.

Our disappearing present | Online at | Free
Demonstrating a possible structure for our online world that sidesteps corporate control, this project is deliberately fleeting.

From Thu 5 May | Shadows on the hill | Testing Grounds
Trying to break into one of the world’s most unaffordable property markets? Is the suburban sprawl getting you down?

From Thu 5 May  | One Million Views | North Melbourne Shopfronts | Free
To be a star in 2016, all you need is an internet connection.

From Thu 5 May | Arrival of the Rajah | Abbotsford Convent | Free
This work invites the audience to consider their own relationship to the history and colonisation of the land upon which they stand.

From Thu 5 May | Separating Hydrogen From Air: A Primer | Arts House | Free
This project explores the fugitive nature of legacy and influence and attempts to address the scarcity of archival material faced by researchers of performative or ephemeral practices.