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The Horse

Dylan Sheridan (TAS)

Presented in association with Arts House

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12-22 May


Arts House, 521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne


Thu–Sat 8:15pm | Sun 7:15pm


$23 Full / $18 Concession


45 min


  • wheelchair - Copy


Contains haze, loud sound, mild strobing effects and very mild use of aerosol spray

Please arrive on time; no latecomers will be admitted

Event Details

Sheridan is a real talent… visually and sonically arresting. ****

The Age on Terminal, Next Wave Festival 2014

A dark and dreamlike concerto for saxophone, accompanied by violin, cello, electronics and automated instruments, The Horse begins with equine apparitions found in an MRI scan of composer Dylan Sheridan’s own brain, and voyages through space to the Horsehead Nebula, 1500 light years from Earth.

Like a pianola reading a piano paper roll, Sheridan takes interstellar data and masterfully turns it into a surreal and immersive musical performance. The result is a sonic exploration of galactic patterns—a ground-breaking composition that could be played for one minute, one hour, or one year, depending on the resolution of its data.

Traversing scales, spectrums, land, Earth and the universe, Sheridan makes the impossible possible: playing the galaxy; hearing the stars.

  • Director, Composer and Performer (Electronics)
    Dylan Sheridan
  • Saxophone
    Benjamin Price
  • Violin
    Emily Sheppard
  • Cello
    Robert Manley
  • Image
    Dylan Sheridan

This project is part of Salamanca Arts Centre’s HyPe program and has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, Hobart City Council, Regional Arts Tasmania and Arts Tasmania.