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Our disappearing present

Presented by Editionless Editions



5-22 May

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24 hours




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There are no profiles, no permanence and no images in this artist-run social media network that exists parasitically and temporarily within Next Wave’s website. A prototype and a provisional statement towards what could be possible if social media had a different kind of politic, Our disappearing present channels Twitter and Snapchat, without the invasive commodification of your identity. Demonstrating a possible structure for our online world that sidesteps corporate control, this project is deliberately fleeting.

Write through, across, into and out of Next Wave projects, identify yourself or not, provoke, comment, question and make connections. Don’t be shy—your messages only last for a limited time, and will not be archived. No logs are kept, and all data will disappear.

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    Editionless Editions/Benjamin Forster

This project has been supported by The Margaret Lawrence Bequest.

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