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Welcome to Worm Hole

Welcome to Worm Hole

March 15, 2016

In ceramics, slip is clay mixed with water, acting as a binding agent for two pieces of greenware. When it’s used to join two pieces of clay together, it is generally used with a technique known as scratch and slip, where the contact points on both pieces are scored, one piece is slip-painted on, and then joined with the other. Slips are what Worm Hole is all about, sort of. It’s not just in the binding of clay, but also in allowing confrontation, saying the wrong thing, nip slips, and falling off things. Like how the word “like” is often used to diminish the verbal expressions of young women, lighting up a cloud of meaning around what is actually being said by making anything in the vicinity of what is being said possible, an option. Like, wow.

Worm Hole expands the possibilities of Next Wave Festival 2016 – the works, the themes and the conversations around them. It makes room for what’s missing, around corners and edges (maybe in different galaxies). Some of the pieces here are directly related to projects being presented as part of the festival, and some are more rhizomatic. These poems, essays, images, videos and songs swarm across the Festival, growing in magnitude as more pieces are added, but remaining permeable, opening up infinite relations and new kinds of knowledges. In space, wormholes provide shortcuts for long journeys across the universe, however Dr. Erik Christian, NASA scientist, will remind you that “a wormhole is not really a means of going faster than light (or backward or forward in time); it’s a shortcut so that something that was far away is much closer.”[1]

We started by making a word cloud (or more accurately a spreadsheet in Excel) that we populated with what we saw as thematic nodes of Next Wave Festival 2016. It had words like ‘intergenerationality’ and ‘love’. Then we made another more abstract one, with pens and paper, wonky lines and symbols. If the Excel spreadsheet gave us a textural ground, the scribbled on paper word cloud created the glowy atmosphere, our conversations being necessarily mixed up. These words have become a tag bank that will grow as new content is added, illuminating the associations between contributions, and allowing you to navigate your own way through the complex mists.

Dark ecology touches decolonisation touches biopower touches the sun touches jupiter touches anti-fossil touches flat world theory touches future worlding touches emoji banking touches hustle touches stoner sloth touches love, ad infinitum.

Catch you in the fog,

Holly Childs, Georgie Meagher & Sarah Werkmeister

This project has been generously supported by the Gordon Darling Foundation

[1] Space Physics: Wormholes, Time Travel, and Faster-Than-Speed-of-Light Theories