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Angela Goh’s Top 10 Worms

Angela Goh’s Top 10 Worms

May 9, 2016

Angela Goh

In the development of Desert Body Creep, Angela Goh spent a lot of time online getting up close with creepy crawlies. Below are ten of her favourites:

“Devil Worm”

The lord of the underworld is a nematode called Halicephalobus Mephisto also known as the “devil worm”, just 0.5-millimeters long! It is a game changer for everything we thought we knew about the conditions required to support life, as it lives up to 3.6 kilometres below the surface of the Earth.

“Spectacular Dust Devil / Ghost Worm”

Is there life on Mars? Maybe, but I think this is just dust / air. “Wow that final image of that mars worm dust devil is so beautiful! #texture” Holly Childs

“Wormy Gras”

Possibly the cutest way ever of celebrating the joys of worminess. Just one example of the escapades of the sesame street worms, another favourite is the space worms storyline.

“Real Gummy Worm in Faux Crystal Point”

Fake worm inside fake crystal. So real. So cute. “Perfect as home decor or as a gift to that weird person in your life” Etsy seller VintageLoser

“Worms / Lasagna”

Lasagna advertisement in article about worm mating. I can’t even find the website anymore, I only have this screenshot. I was looking up how worms mate after a specific question about it from Sarah Rodigari.

“World’s Largest Gummy Worm”

My co-star in Desert Body Creep. gummy is kind of like flesh, so it moves in ways similar to us, yet more hyper-coloured and more cute. I feel like the worm kind of upstages me in Desert Body Creep, but I think that is ok. “i have this vision of your work as being like Dune, but with gummi” Eleanor Zeichner.

“Open Mouth Gummy Worm Swallowing”

There are quite a few gummi swallow videos, and they all have tens of thousands of views. I guess this is like an ASMR thing, but watching it kind of triggered my gag reflex.

“Bendy Girl does snake dance”

Snakes are not worms, but this dance is all my worm dancing dreams. Also really like that her snake outfit looks kind of like a wrestling costume.

“Guitarists Holding Slugs”

Slugs are also not worms, but they are close enough, especially if being embraced by guitarists. This is a gallery of images of slugs photoshopped in place of guitarist’s guitars. Thank you internet.

“Eoperipatus totoros (Totoro Worm)”

“Further Reading”

Further worm reading / viewing / listening: Dune (obvi), Tremors film, H.P. Lovecraft The Festival, On an Ungrounded Earth: Towards a New Geophilospohy by Ben Woodward, Vibrant Matter Jane Bennet, Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials by Reza Negarestani (not specifically about worms, but very ‘wormy’), Parasites, Worms, and the Human Body in Religion and Culture, The Parasite, Michel Serres, ‘Maggot Brain’ by Funkadelic. Plus lots more, just come ask me!

Angela Goh is a dancer and choreographer presenting her experimental work in a range of contexts in Australia and internationally. Her practice approaches dance and choreography as tools for speculation, in order to produce transformation at the borders of image and affect.