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MISSION: Gari Yala Sovfuturz

MISSION: Gari Yala Sovfuturz

May 18, 2016

Hannah Donnelly

AGENT: sovereign explorer #089 of the Wiradjuri nation.
Upon completion of mission, this Field Journal is to be archived by above-stated agent at CR8R HQ under Past Timelines Song.

Total sovereign control of past, present and futures across all multiverses.

Since the Return to Country prophesy was fulfilled, sovereignty has remained collectively with the 500 nations of this country. Within the multiverses collectively our nations are working to become the dominant power. We will be the majority and Biami will be recognised intergalactically as one of the true CR8Rz. To achieve our mission, future sovereignty is not enough: past sovereignty must be protected. I have been assigned this mission as a sovereign explorer, to return to past alternate timelines circa Saltwater Mother Millennium.

I will conduct research, by way of interviews with community members, to determine if their intended trajectory will lead to sovereign futures. Accordingly, I will rewrite and/or erase histories that do not support the current objective. These journal entries contain field interviews with subjects based on the key criteria of sovereign futures and return to country.


  1. Participant observation will be conducted virtually via the old clouds in binary digital form.
  2. Community experiences will be collected by the sovereign explorer and prepared for ceremony.
  3. Magic man will sing the collection to be transformed into an introductory Virtual Experience Serum (VES).
  4. A panel of emerging leaders will inject the Virtual Experience Serum and rate it against the key criteria to provide recommendations to CR8R HQ.

There are three outcomes for my chosen subjects:

  1. Pass: Timeline is protected.
  2. Fail: I must delete their timeline.
  3. Further Research Needed: If the subjects show promise in at least 50% of the criteria areas I will return with representatives of the Council of Elders (C03).

As per the songlines, our C03 initiated story keepers will report to all CR8Rz through collective corroboree decision-making. After all the stories have been reported through movement and song, only the C03 can determine if each timeline in question will be assimilated under our protection or abolished.


Past Alternate timeline: Sing our Vá

Time Travel Logged: 021 hours
Lat: -37.806390 by observation to the Dhiniwan
Long: -37.806390 by observation to the Dhiniwan
Location: Wurundjeri

Personal Note
Reading through my mission brief at operations I had been confused with the demographics of this community living on Wurundjeri land. This community was a result of international diaspora that had started earlier in the century before the rise of the Saltwater Mother Millennium. These communities moved after their lands had been possessed and raped by hostile British imperialists. Very soon after this pillage the monarchs left ruins and turned into the most historically important era of cognitive dissonance and denial called the Neo Gubilization Age until their reign ended with our spears in their heads of democracy.

Immediately on arriving in this community I was struck with the discord of the songlines.  They were not completely broken, they were vibrating like a dull echo in the back of my mind. It felt like the crosshatched lines of the diaspora were pulling toward each other but the edges were blurred through years of forgetting to sing the right songs together across the Pacific. In these lines I learnt of Vá and the space of our relationships to each other and everything. This community inhabited the sovereign lands of others but sang songs of feeling grounded in a place where there is no grounding. My brief had clearly stated I was to delegitimize this diasporic space that CR8R felt was sitting on top of the displaced Traditional Owners. The feeling there was like a tear in the corner about to rip open to let sovereign bodies in. Based on this correction to CR8R HQs initial assessment I proceeded to interview my first subject. I was to interpret a specific list of questions provided to me by HQ personnel and record responses.



TRANSLATION: Where are your ancestors from?

ANSWER – I come from the village of Najafābād in Īrān and from the Sā Seumanutafa clan of Apia in the Sāmoan archipelago. I belong to our giant ancestor mount Vaea and the tears of our healer ancestor Apaula. I also have German and Han Chinese ancestry on my Sāmoan side that I’m slowly learning more about.


TRANSLATION: What is the most important thing in your community?

ANSWER – We are nothing without healthy, safe families, lands and waters. I think my communities want a better future than the hard lives that many have survived to now. We must reclaim our languages, the longer we don’t reclaim our languages through relationships with each other we won’t see the relationships return across the ocean.


TRANSLATION: How would you describe your occupation in your community?

ANSWER – I am an artist, curator and writer who works to critically engage with our intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual traditions. I want to give them more exposure and presence in our diasporic existence on other Indigenous peoples’ lands and waters. The work I produce is for my ancestors, for my communities in the homeland and in the diaspora. Spaces for Pacific artists in this community are not fulfilling until they are accessed first by traditional owners.


TRANSLATION: What traditional lands do you have a responsibility to protect? (do you live there)

ANSWER – I don’t live on my ancestral lands but I regularly visit and grew up there when I was 8-10. My parents live there again. Through the consciousness of the Moananui a Kiwa, Kiwa’s Great Ocean, being interconnected, I feel responsible to all my relations, humans and non-humans, across the region. It is primarily sited in the Sāmoan archipelago, but I live and contribute to Kulin Nation territory and other fellow First Nations peoples in their lands around the region as part of my uninvited presence.


TRANSLATION: What cultural flow i.e. river, spring, water systems do you have responsibility to protect? (do you live there)

ANSWER – My ‘āiga family group is responsible for the health of our Loimata o Apaula (tears of ancestor Apaula) waterway, the health of the forest on mount Vaea (our giant ancestor Vaea), and the continuation of our Seumanutafa clan’s title over much of the capital area Apia. It is also the domain of the national government (but they are a neoliberal one-party state) so it really comes back to us fulfilling our responsibilities set by our ancestors or not.


TRANSLATION: What are you changing or maintaining in your environment?

ANSWER – My ‘āiga still lives on our lands and waterways in Sāmoa, and are continuing subsistence agriculture. I am hoping to restore the shrimp health in our waterway, remove garbage from the village lands. I want to clandestinely reviving spiritual practices on our mountain once I’ve learnt enough about how to carry them out.


TRANSLATION: Who is your creator/s?

ANSWER – Pre-Christian Sāmoan creators Tagaloa-a-lagi, Nāfanua, Māui, and other lesser gods, and pre-Islamic Persian creator Ahura Mazda, and other lesser gods. Of course my inherited parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and chosen aunts and uncles have made me into who I am.


Past Alternate timeline: Remembering the Convicts

Time Travel Logged: 022 hours
Lat: -38.325505 by observation to the Dhiniwan
Long: 144.112369 by observation to the Dhiniwan
Location: Wathaurong

Personal Note
On the importance of documenting the colonist experience CR8R HQ has mandated compulsory acquisition of all settler stories from these timelines.  In the prime of the imperialist colonial regime a war of attrition was sustained against sovereign bodies. Settler bodies wore down the Indigenous enemy to the point of collapse by sacrificing the most vulnerable of their own. The sacrificial frontline of colonization was replenished with waves of immigration. However many immigrant communities also sustained a loss. The Neo Gubilization era was more concerned with reconciliation policy to make sure resources could not be returned to Traditional Owners and the settlers stories were removed in hopes it wouldn’t be used as evidence against the monarchs.

I felt a sense of unmapped sorrow observing the subject look inside her own identity. What does a European nationality mean to a settler who must seem to assimilate on the surface, apparently, on leaving behind their connection? Yet underneath a transgenerational web trails across the seas still calling back to the home left for a better life. For a life to forget the traumas of why your ancestors left to remember who you really are. But understanding this was to satisfy the white supremacists who said go back to where you came from, but where you all came from was not here. I used the questions provided to me by HQ personnel interpreted for my subject. I am required to report I did ask one unauthorised answer in connection ancestors.



Past Alternate timeline: mtDNA RISING

Time Travel Logged: 05 hours
Lat: -29.450477 by observation to the Dhiniwan
Long: 153.363284 by observation to the Dhiniwan
Location: Yeagl

Personal Note
Instead of weeping for the end, some communities felt the blessing of beginnings in the Saltwater Mother Millennium and held the force of time and nature inside their uteri. This community was consecrated with the matriarchal line full of sacred knowledge from mother up to mother and out beyond creation. Textures of the mtDNA inform the circles that pull each woman in to her pink embrace. Only through weaving natural fibers of deep work and energy did this community regenerate back to before the start, where the end was.

Devoid of any presence but female residents, the abandoned structures of the built environment from long before have fallen to the five leaves of the water vine. The female residents propagate native plants and encourage their growth to smother the memory of the Neo Gubilists. In this community, language curls upward in reclamation through each woman and from the center of the Earth. It is this reclamation in the chromosomes that are so valuable to CR8R HQ. I was instructed to interview this subject upon invitation only; with free, prior and sovereign consent. I waited for days in the shadow of the green fronds of the Bangalow palm after sending a sov astral signal to those women on watch. I was finally sussed and after they provided me with my new outfit and hoop earrings, I was invited to enter the community as a guest and taken to the parent. I used the questions provided to me by CR8R HQ personnel. No translation was necessary.



Our ancestral ties link to all First Nation wombs across the earth. A large portion of the community are women from sovereign Indigenous nations of what was formerly known as Australia. We also have our sister Pacifika women, African women, Asian women, Celtic women and our Caribbean sisters all come together.


Our community thrives on celebration of the female spirit. We acknowledge our ancestral connections and make sure to honor them in all our movements, words and decisions. As a community our skills are known and harnessed to better the whole in teaching, sharing and strengthening our people’s power. We are unafraid of the complex ocean of emotions we all feel and especially take time for those who need to rest in timing with their moon cycle. Assumption of quiet demure soft women is fatal. Yes we have this side, but in our community self-defense is taught to toddlers, intuition is sharp and our festivals last for seven days. Witness the fitness of the female powa!


I am da Chief advisor, the octopussy, who co-ordinates more than seems humanly possible with a smile. The strength of the women is the backbone for our peoples and makes us all strive for harmonious strong connection to land and spirit.


The collective whole of our countries is our womb, we feel the scars of mining, fracking, pollution and the dismal old buildings once built. Our responsibility is returning this land and its waters to its once fecund state. All rivers are our veins, all forests are our lungs and we will bring them back to their full strength.


Our headquarters are between what they once referred to as NSW, the coastal area of Yamba as our foremothers were born on the sand dunes among layers of sedimented strong feminine power resting through the wind. The ocean here is important in ceremonial and celebratory ritual. The second headquarters were once referred to as Uluru, the heart of red earth and many strong spirit songs reside here. It is our duty to protect all living things and we do so with force. We love fiercely all those within our community.


We are changing the agricultural system as the invasive introduced species are detrimental to our lands and health. We are moving to native grains, plants and animals from now on. This process is slow and we are making sure to allow time for her ecosystem to re-adjust. We are repurposing much of the past systems infrastructure to create better use of housing and creating green spaces within the “CBDs”.


We believe in Umma the great mother’s and Babba the great father’s energies. Umma is the great ruler, however we acknowledge male energies necessary and present in us all. We believe in the magic of the elements and revere natural medicinal practices formed from our native plants.

Initial observations of sovereign explorer #089 are as follows:

  1. Sing our Vá Further research needed return with the CO3.
  2. Remembering the convicts Pass timeline to be assimilated.
  3. mtDNA RISING Pass timeline to be protected.

A full evaluation summary will be provided to HQ upon return.

Hannah Donnelly is a Wiradjuri woman from New South Wales who grew up on Gamilaroi country. Creator of Sovereign Trax Indigenous music culture blog and co-editor of the Sovereign Apocalypse zine. Hannah’s personal work experiments with speculative fiction and future imaginings of Indigenous responses to climate change.