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Emotional Baggage

Emotional Baggage

March 22, 2016

Cristine Brache & Penny Goring

whatever it takes to show it

age police

is this an old photo of you penny?

hope this doesnt seem rude

you look a lot younger

older than a teen, but not disgustingly old

from the gutter

favourite poison

100 rich women ageing badly

10 ton transformation

when i was invincible i died everynight

need to get used to seein my

‘older woman’ faces

shame, my teddy hides it

young white cis nude selfie

highly functioning heavy

off my tits on ecstasy

20 fathoms of deep dirty water

some nice emo pics

4 safe-keeping

feel tight and wanted again

Penny Goring is an artist and poet, she lives in London.

Cristine Brache is an artist and poet, she lives and works in London, England.

Emotional Baggage is an excerpt from a forthcoming artist book of the same name.