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Nine immersive performances at Next Wave Festival 2016

Nine immersive performances at Next Wave Festival 2016

Are you the kind of person who likes to feel like you’re inside an alternate universe when you go to a performance? To not even have to shut your eyes to imagine you’re somewhere else? Next Wave Festival 2016 features some of Australia’s best new immersive theatre events. Make sure you book tickets to the below shows before they sell out.

Megan Alice Clune, Relating to the Immediate Surroundings of Something; or, This is What I’m Talking About

Relating to the Immediate Surroundings of Something; or This is What I’m Talking About
 is an immersive, collaborative composition that rearranges the way that the audience and the performer relate through the expanse of sound that connects them. Across six days, a series of leading Melbourne musicians, including pianist Jacob Abela and techno maestro Lucy Cliché, will perform private morning sets which are then recorded and morphed by Clune’s innovative composition into an expansive echo that inhabits the Northcote Uniting Church for the entire day. Read more.

Northcote Uniting Church | Thu 12 May – Sat May 21 | Free 

Emma Fishwick, microLandscapes

Perth-based dance and media artist Emma Fishwick presents microLandscapes, an immersive 360-degree exploration of distance and perception, and their effects on landscape. Transforming the main hall within the Northcote Town Hall, microLandscapes features stunning video and original sound design from Sydney artist Kynan Tan alongside dancers Niharika Senapati (Chunky Move) and Ella-Rose Trew (Co3). This is a multi-dimensional experience that creates a dynamic, shifting terrain allowing you to explore and contemplate your own relationship with landscape. Read more.

Northcote Town Hall | Wed 4 May – Sat 8 May | $28 Full / $23 Concession

Dylan Sheridan, The Horse

The Horse is composer, Dylan Sheridan’s dark and dreamlike concerto for saxophone, accompanied by violin, cello, electronics and automated instruments. The Horse is a surreal and immersive musical performance which results in a sonic exploration of galactic patterns—a ground-breaking composition that could be played for one minute, one hour, or one year, depending on the resolution of its data. Read more.

Arts House | Thu 12 May – Sun 22 May | $23 Full / $18 Concession

Lilian Steiner, Admission into the Everyday Sublime

Admission into the Everyday Sublime assembles a choreographic and sonic experience that that lures the observer through unexpected states of energised tranquillity. This new work by dancer and choreographer Lilian Steiner investigates the body’s malleable relationship to weight and density, light as an extension of the body, the sculptural nature of sound and the healing power of its resonant frequencies. Read more.

Arts House | Wed 18 May – Sun 22 May | $28 Full / $23 Concession

Rafaella McDonald & Natasha Gabriella Tontey, Angkot Alien

Angkot Alien intimately explores politics of labour across cultures, using the Indonesian Angkot van as a literal vehicle to explore the politics of labour across cultures. This collaboration sees the merging of costume, painting, performance and fiction to create connections and disconnections, and will be happening in secret location in Melbourne’s CBD.

A secret CBD location | Sat 7 May – Sun 22 May | SOLD OUT

Pony Express, Ecosexual Bathhouse

Ecosexual Bathhouse plunges you into an immersive labyrinth of intimate encounters and sensory interaction. Happening inside Domain House at Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens, here’s a chance to see what ecosex actually means, among the plants. Book now.

Domain House, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria | Fri 6 May – Sat 14 May | $25 Full / $20 Concession
Panel: Can Ecosex Save the Earth? Sun 8 May, 3pm | Free, bookings required

Claire Robertson, Far From Here

Far From Here is a video installation of cinematic proportions, where video artist Claire Robertson leads the viewer through large-scale, multi-channel projections that capture uninhabited fly-in fly-out mining camps of the Pilbara Region, taking up a whole room at Melbourne’s Meat Market. Read more.

Meat Market | Thu 12 May – Sun 22 May | Free

Rani P Collaborations, Sedih//Sunno

Sedih//Sunno is an intimate listening space where the four artists in Rani P Collaborations accompany you through treasured heirlooms to reveal hidden family legacies. Immerse yourself in their set which is made up of Indonesian Batik and contemplate an uplifting experience that asks: what have we inherited from those before us? And what do we want to pass on? Book now.

Arts House | Thu 5 May – Sun 15 May | $28 Full / $23 Concession

Janie Gibson, The Voices of Joan of Arc

In this intimate performance, The Voices of Joan of Arc, actor and theatre maker Janie Gibson delves into the past to channel the voices of Joan of Arc. Weaving together song, story, text and music, Gibson gives voice to Joan’s own words as captured in the detailed transcript of her trial for heresy. Book now

Northcote Town Hall | Tue 3 May – Sat 14 May | $28 Full / $23 Concesssion